What is TOM?

TOM or The Oneness Movement is a catalyst for Oneness.

We aim to bring together individuals and businesses to empower transformative change by providing resources and technology for people to move beyond their current reality and live their true nature and purpose.

We create and support opportunities for collaboration across conscious wellbeing disciplines, centred on three pillars – connect, balance and harmonise.

We are a gateway to Oneness with the self, with others and the universe.

You can find out more about who we work with here.

Why was it founded?

Founded by Joanna Harris, TOM was born out of a personal transformational journey that opened her eyes to a better and more fulfilling life.

Because of the profound learnings and self-awareness that Joanna uncovered, it was absolutely true for her to begin a new chapter to inspire the global community to embrace conscious wellbeing and share her vision for Oneness in everyday life.