When uploading images on the myTOM platform you may wish to know what would work best for your profile.

We have created some quick tips on how to easily get the best image dimension and size including our favourite free tools to use.

1. What’s the best dimension and sizes for the images I upload?
  • Supported image formats by the platform: JPEG, PNG
  • Max image size is 3MBs

– Profile Cover Photo (the background image)

  • This is the background image and is automatically taken from the first image uploaded
  • Ideal resolution would be 1520 x 215 (px)

– User/Provider Profile Photo/Logo ( the circular image )

  • Ideal resolution would be 200 X 200 (px)

-Image Gallery

  • Recommended size: 1000 x 560 (px)  
  • Maximum supported size: 1920 x 1080 (px)
  • Other resolutions supported by the platform: 1600 x 900 (px), 1366 x 768 (px)

Note: Platform will support any resolution with the width to height ratio of 16:9

2. Free Image Resizing tools

You may have your favourites but we have used these two and find them simple and easy to compress and resize images in minutes.



You simply upload your images or drag and drop, and then you have the option to quickly reduce the image size or choose the width and height dimensions you would like.

Need more support? Let us know here as we would love to improve our guides as much as possible.