Practitioners set their own Service cost so the costs will vary. However, we do not charge you, their Clients, a fee for Booking their Service!

Costs can vary based on what the Practitioner is offering and no doubt, on their experience. For example, a one day workshop would cost significantly less that a 7 day retreat. In our experience, transparency and competition on the marketplace, means that you, the consumer can make better purchasing decisions.

You should note that Practitioners also set their own Cancellation policies which you can read on their Services page. This may mean that if you cancel within a certain time period before the date of the Service, you may not be entitled to a refund. Please read the Cancellation policy on the Services page before you book.

Please note that for any cancellation you make, a small administration fee of 3% may occur to help us cover our costs.

You can also read our FAQ section on cancellation policies for further information.