Yes we do!

Cancellation policy

As a Client, you can cancel your Service at any time before the Service start date.

You should note though that each Practitioner can set their own Cancellation policy with regards to refunding you the cost of the Service. They can specify a period of time before the Service start date, at which point they will not offer a refund.  This can be zero (0) days so that you get a refund, two (2),  seven (7)  or thirty (30) days before. Please read the Cancellation Policy for each Service you book before completing your Booking.

Cancellation fee

Refunds are processed onto the original payment card used via Stripe. All refunds will incur a 3% cancellation fee to cover our transaction and administration costs.

For example, if your original service cost £100, you would be refunded £97 less the 3% cancellation fee.

Refund processing time

Refunds are processed automatically by Stripe however they usually take 5-10 working days to appear on your bank statement.

Queries and cancellation requests

If you have any queries or require support on this please contact us here with full details of the related booking.
Should you wish to dispute a cancellation request, we will review and advise on a case-by-case basis.