Before you delete your account, we though it might be useful to let you know that it’s absolutely free and secure to have a profile on myTOM.

If there is something concerning you, please contact us, or check out the items below

  • Don’t want to hear from us? 
    Just amend your mail preferences in your Profile settings and we wont contact you. You can return and use myTOM whenever you like and easily log in.
  • What about the security of your data?
    Check out our data and privacy policy so you can be assured that your data is absolutely secure with us.
  • And my payment details, what happens to them?
    myTOM does not store your payment details. If you have saved your card details, they are actually encrypted and stored securely with Stripe. Stripe are a regulated payments processing provider and you can read about their security and privacy here

If you still want to leave, you would really help us by letting us know why so that we can improve our services for the future.

Here is our quick guide to deleting your profile:

  1. Log into your account 
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Select the Settings option and scroll to the bottom where you will see the DELETE option