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TOM Community

Where the Conscious Wellbeing Community Connects

At The Oneness Movement we champion conscious wellbeing and are dedicated to supporting you on your journey.,

The myTOM Community is a place to connect with likeminded people.

Conscious Wellbeing Discipline - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Are you Searching?

The road to personal growth can seem like a lonely one. Transformation isn’t always easy, and friends and family don’t always understand. We’ve been there too and we want you to know that you’re not alone.

The myTOM Community connects you with like minded people to get support, ask questions and explore what wellbeing means to you. We are a community of unique individuals, connected by our dedication to our own journeys and each other.

From curious newbie to enlightened guru, from Ayurveda addict to Zen philosophy pro, the myTOM Community will have something to offer you.

Are You Serving?Are you Serving?

Are you a Reiki Master, a Yogi or a Breathwork Facilitator? Do you run transformational retreats, meditation classes or NLP workshops? Is it your higher purpose to serve your community with knowledge and experience?

Join myTOM and share with our Community. We believe that the best way to serve the world is by collaborating and sharing wisdom – your wisdom!

We actively encourage sharing, exploration and collaboration between practitioners and across disciplines. Together we can expand our knowledge at the same time as building your client base. Join the myTOM Community, share your wisdom and see what unfolds.

Connect with the myTOM Community

There are four ways to get involved


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Follow The Oneness Movement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We love to share stories, practices, freebies and special offers. Here you can also ask questions and get feedback and comments from the community as well as other TOM specialists.

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Ask the Experts

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Have a question about conscious wellbeing? Looking for advice or a recommendation for something in particular? Ask our TOM Experts. Whatever the nature of your query, we are here to serve you with integrity, confidentiality and kindness.

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Who We Work With

There are so many therapies, courses and practises to choose from, each with a unique way of serving you and connecting you with yourself and others.


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Tell Us What You Would Love

We are continually seeking to improve myTOM and meet the needs of our Community. We are in the early stages of platform development so we would love to hear from you!

Tell us what features you would love on myTOM.

Tell us features you would love on myTOM