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myTOM for Practitioners

myTOM is the home of wellbeing services


Calling all alternative wellbeing and holistic practitioners! Let’s get together to co-create a healthier and more conscious world.

The Oneness Movement has launched myTOM, a revolutionary platform designed to help practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to connect with clients, share their expertise and sell their services.

A Oneness social platform for interaction, knowledge sharing and collaboration


Our innovative marketing strategies attract new clients who are keen to explore their wellbeing and discover your business. Connect with the myTOM Community and build relationships by sharing blog posts, videos and advice.

Ways to engage with our Community


Free and unlimited publishing of your services. We help clients find and book with you. With fast and secure payments and commission only on sale, there’s no risk and no upfront costs. Sell with myTOM today.

See the benefits for your business and get more information about our commission

Infrastructure and analytics to manage your business


Host your business directly on myTOM with no need to create your own website. We provide everything you need to run your business smoothly, from advice to promotion and free technical support.

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Benefits for your business

Your own business site for free

Use myTOM to create your own web page with a unique URL to drive clients straight to your business. It’s simple and free.

Your services advertised for free

Workshops, classes, events or retreats, on myTOM you can advertise as many services as you like, each with a unique URL. All for free.

Let us do the marketing for you

We run digital ad campaigns, events and promotions to attract clients to your business and services.

Connect with more clients

As the home of conscious wellbeing, clients go to myTOM when exploring their own transformation. Be visible to new clients today!

Your business – On the Go

No matter where you are, myTOM is in the palm of your hand. Create your services, take bookings and contact your clients on the go.

More bookings, be open 24/7

Your clients can find and book your services around the clock. Wake up to new bookings and watch your business grow.

Engage clients with your content

Knowledge builds trust. With myTOM you can share articles and advice for free to attract and engage more clients.

Grow your income effortlessly

myTOM takes the stress out running your business. We do the hard work so you can focus on serving your clients. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Fast and secure payments

We use Stripe so your money is safe! You receive the cash shortly after a booking to help keep your business flowing smoothly.

myTOM Commission Structure

We don’t charge subscription fees and promoting your business and services on our platform is absolutely free.
We only charge a tiered admin fee based on the cost of your service at the point of booking.

Our commission is deducted at the point of sale from the transaction, so you are never out of pocket.




BOOKINGS OF £201-£1000



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See how myTOM can help your business. Together we are stronger. Let us do the hard work in setting up and running your business, so you can focus your energy on what really matters, your clients.

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Its free to create your online presence and advertise your services to our conscious wellbeing community. Get more clients and more bookings with myTOM and take payments easily ahead of the service.