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myTOM for Everyone

myTOM is the home of wellbeing


Are you looking to kickstart your journey to transformation, self-discovery and greater wellbeing?

Then myTOM is the place for you.


EXPLORE a wide range of therapies, workshops, events and retreats.

ENGAGE with our reviewed and rated practitioners and access free resources.

EMBRACE the next level of your personal growth with easy, fast and secure booking 24/7, from wherever you are.

A Oneness social platform for interaction, knowledge sharing and collaboration


Use myTOM to connect with a like-minded community of people and practitioners. Whether you’re looking for advice, recommendations or support, the community is here for you.

Engage with the TOM Community


Curious about cupping, in need of a naturopath or yearning for yoga? Find it all on myTOM. Search for services then book and pay easily and securely in one place. Stress free, as it should be.

Benefits of myTOM Marketplace

Infrastructure and analytics to manage your business


Taking care of your own wellbeing shouldn’t cost the earth. TOM practitioners are all about serving the community and are happy to share tools and resources to help you on your journey, free of charge.

Go to the TOM Toolbox.

How myTOM Marketplace Benefits You

TOM Values Clarity
Wellbeing in One Place

Keep up to date with what your favourite practitioners are up to, or try something completely new. There are hundreds of services for you to explore.

TOM Values Clarity
Free Sign Up

myTOM is completely free to use. Browse through services, read articles and more, all in one place.

TOM Values Clarity
No Booking Fees

Just find the service you want and pay for it upfront and direct on myTOM.

TOM Values Clarity
Secure Payments

We use Stripe, a regulated payment services provider. Your payment will be secure and there’s the option to save your card details for next time.

TOM Values Clarity
Flexible Booking

Book what you want, when you want – we’re open 24/7. Change of plan? Amend your bookings online or cancel with a 3% transaction fee. Refunds are subject to practitioner’s own T&Cs.

TOM Values Clarity
Special Offers

Everybody loves a treat and we love to reward our customers. Check out our referral programme and stay tuned for discounts and freebies.

TOM Values Clarity
Plans Changed?

Amend your bookings online or cancel with a 3% transaction fee and refunds subject to practitioner’s terms of service.

TOM Values Clarity
Here to Help

Our dedicated team will support you with guidance, queries or disputes. Get in touch and let us help you.

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myTOM is designed with your conscious wellbeing in mind! Explore a world of possibility for your personal growth.

From Ayurveda to Zen Philosophy, from classes to retreats, myTOM takes the hassle out of finding and booking services. Find your favourite practitioners and manage your wellbeing easily from your palm.

Start Your Journey

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It’s free to join and book services with your favourite practitioners. With so many disciplines and services to explore, you can manage your conscious wellbeing easily, in the palm of your hand.

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