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The Oneness Movement is seed funding!

Be part of our success.

We are the Home of Conscious Wellbeing.

We connect of community of wellbeing seekers with practitioners and services for their life long journey – from Reiki to Reflexology, from Ayurveda to Zen Buddhism. 


Our online myTOM platform enables practitioners to market and sell their services to prospective clients. 


We are seed funding and this provides a unique opportunity for you to play a part in our growing success.

Investing in TOM means you will receive shares in an ambitious company that is operating in a fast-growing industry, cited to be worth £152 billion by 2025.

Invest with Us

Our seed funding campaign will raise £300,000. You can be part of our success.

View our Investor Presentation for more details.

Email us at

Phone us on 0203 962 5784 0203 962 5784

Write to us at The Oneness Movement, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX


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Toolbox for Everyone

Why are we seed funding?

The Oneness Movement is rapidly growing and has launched myTOM, our multi-functional platform for the Conscious Wellbeing community.

We are a catalyst for transformative change and are connecting more people than ever to Practitioners and resources which support their journey to Oneness.

We strongly champion Conscious Wellbeing and have ambitious plans for the future.


Maximising our presence in the community

Our aim is to bring Oneness into our everyday lives.

We know people struggle to find information and Practitioners they trust, and that Practitioners want to connect with more clients.

Our ambition is to become the chosen platform for anyone exploring Conscious Wellbeing.

We want to increase brand awareness and promote our expertise through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


More myTOM features for you


myTOM is the launch pad for many Practitioners, enabling them to share expertise with the community and grow their business through sales.

We simplify their set up and management so they can focus on what they do best – supporting clients.

Their clients also want an effortless way to browse, book and bring Oneness into their lives. This means we’ll be continually improving our services to meet their requirements.


Growing our team and services


As the community grows, we will build our team and resources to deliver fantastic customer service and support.

We want myTOM to become the chosen one-stop-shop for Practitioners to run their business, so we’ll recruit the experts that provide the best value to our community including customer success and social media experts. 

myTOM is the Home of Conscious Wellbeing

Why Join Our Campaign?

We are a thriving startup that is rapidly growing, and we want you to be a part of it. We believe in our vision of ‘Bringing Oneness into our Everyday lives’ and we will work passionately to deliver on this.

Our seed funding campaign will raise £300,000* and you can play a part in TOM’s success. View our Investor Presentation for more details.


How to get involved?

You can contact Founder and CEO, Joanna Harris directly to discuss opportunities to invest. Or if you have an enquiry, please use the form above.


* Capital at risk