Yes you can!


As a Client, you can book with any and as many Practitioners as you like. We recommend this to because throughout your journey, different disciplines and specialists may be able to help you at different stages!


As a Practitioner, your account is set up as a Business account for Practitioners. To book Services to become a Client of another Practitioner, you will need to create a separate User account.

This will require you to use a different email to the one you used to sign up as a practitioner/business.

If you are on Gmail and would prefer to use the same email inbox – see our handy tip below!

TIP for Gmail

If you use Gmail, there is an easy way to create another email that uses the same inbox.

  • For example, if your email is ‘myname’, use ‘+’ and any word to add another variant.
    Such as
  • You could try for an easy email to remember.

Please contact TOM support for more information on how to do this.