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The Oneness Movement



Meaning of Oneness

– the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.


Who we are

We are catalysts for transformative change. We are the champions of conscious wellbeing.

We are on a mission to bring Oneness into our everyday lives.

What we do:

We create empowering resources.

We help you explore, engage and embrace Oneness.

We connect you with disciplines centered in connection

Our aim is to support your journey to Oneness with the Self and the universe.



We do this in 3 ways
A Oneness social platform for interaction, knowledge sharing and collaboration


Connecting a community of like-minded people, practitioners and wellbeing experts. Whether its article or answers, this is where conscious wellbeing clicks!

Engage with the TOM Community

myTOM Marketplace

Curious about cupping, in need of a naturopath or looking for your next client? Find it all on myTOM. Advertise or search for services with secure payments, all in one place. Stress free, as it should be.

Check out the myTOM Marketplace

Infrastructure and analytics to manage your business


Wellbeing shouldn’t cost the earth. We serve the community and businesses with tools and resources for their journey.

Go to the TOM Toolbox.

Who we are for:


New to this whole ‘consciousness’ thing or experienced explorer of holistic health?

We have what you need for your transformation journey.


TOM disciplines - Life Coaching


Solo therapists and small businesses alike!

We support your conscious wellbeing business so you can spend your time doing what you do best – supporting your clients.


TOM disciplines - Chakra Therapy

Conscious Wellbeing

We know there is not just one way.

We work with energy-based disciplines from Reiki to Reflexology, from Ayurveda to Zen Buddhism – See them all here.


TOM disciplines - Meditation

Our Values

TOM Values Connection


  • We believe that everything is connected throughout all time and space
  • We create opportunities to grow and make connections that haven’t been made before
  • We work with staff, clients and suppliers who are connected to their higher purpose

TOM Values Collaboration


  • We actively and openly share ideas to better serve the community
  • We recognise and embrace people’s differences, we all have something to give
  • We invite our customers and providers to actively collaborate with us and each other

TOM Values Energy


  • We believe that all our energy is inherently connected with universal energy
  • We are a force for creating and collaborating powerfully
  • We trust that our actions build momentum towards our true vision and purpose

TOM Values Clarity


  • We believe in telling it like it is, there are no smoke and mirrors
  • We are open, honest and clear – jargon free – in all communications
  • We build trusted, ethical relationships with our staff, suppliers and clients